Simple design with shades of grey marble buttecream body & a black crown. For this design, you may choose 4” or 5” in diameter. Color & style are fixed. 

4" suggested serving size: 4-6ppl
5" suggested serving size: 8-12ppl

For the cake flavors, you may choose from:

  • White Rose - Vanilla cake with rosewater layered buttercream
  • Adulthood rocky road - Valrhona chocolate cake with Baileys layered buttercream, mixed nutes & marshmallows
  • Ujikintoki (宇治金時) - Japanese Matcha cake with vanilla layered buttercream & azuki(red bean) paste
  • Little Break - Nespresso coffee cake with vanilla layered buttercream & homemade sea salted caramel sauce

We can put messages on cake board ($20), in consideration of the size of board, there is a limitation that allows 12 characters of Capital letters & numbers only.

Please note that colors are hand mixed and the products might come out slightly different every time. Photos are for references only.

Order is subject to availability and on first come first serve basis, please order 1 week in advance.

For general information such as pick up & delivery, please refer to : Q&A


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