- Pick up / delivery available: 15 Jan -  6 Feb 2022 -
(Except our day offs & order will close when fully booked on that day)


This gift box comes with the following items:

  1. 特濃朱古力曲奇Chocolate Cookie
  2. 伯爵茶曲奇 Earl Grey Cookie
  3. 造型牛油曲奇 Fondant Butter Cookie
  4. 法式牛油瑪德蓮蛋糕 French Butter Madeleine
  5. 黑芝麻瑪德蓮蛋糕 Black Sesame Madeleine

Perfect as a special gift to your loved one to bring luck and fortune in year of the Tiger.

Expiry date : Please keep in dry and cold place and best consumed within 7 days from pickup. 

Please note that colors are hand mixed and the products might come out slightly different every time. Photos are for references only.

For general information such as pick up & delivery, please refer to : Q&A

Shooting props & mug are not included.

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