We bake butter cake with our own recipe using finest ingredients in order to give you not only a nicely outlook cake but also delicious taste.

Main ingredients are plain flour from Taiwan, butter from France, white eggs from USA & local fresh milk and sugar.

We use Swiss buttercream for filling of cakes. Outer part of cake is defaulted as vanilla cream; you may choose the flavor of your cake and layered buttercream.

Butter Cake

  1. Vanilla 
  2. Valrhona Chocolate 
  3. Japanese Matcha 
  4. Twinings Earl Grey tea (+$120) 
  5. Oreo (+$120)
  6. Red Velvet (+$120)
  7. Classic Banana (+$120)
  8. Espresso (+$120)

      Layered buttercream flavor

      1. Vanilla
      2. Valrhona Chocolate
      3. Vanilla with yuzu jam
      4. Vanilla with homemade sea salted caramel sauce (+$100)
      5. Cookies & cream – smashed Oreo & Oreo crumbs  (+$100)
      6. Cream cheese (+$100)
      7. Vanilla with homemade strawberry jam (+$100)
      8. Mocha (+$100)

      Cake size chart