We bake butter cake with our own recipe using finest ingredients in order to give you not only a nicely outlook cake but also delicious taste.

Main ingredients are plain flour from Taiwan, butter from France, white eggs from USA & local fresh milk and sugar.

We use Swiss buttercream for filling of cakes. Outer part of cake is defaulted as vanilla cream; you may choose the flavor of your cake and layered buttercream.

Butter Cake 牛油蛋糕

  1. Vanilla 雲尼拿
  2. Valrhona Chocolate 法芙娜朱古力
  3. Japanese Matcha 日本抹茶
  4. Twinings Earl Grey tea 川寧伯爵茶 (+$120) 
  5. Oreo 奧利奧夾心餅 (+$120)
  6. Red Velvet 紅絲絨 (+$120)
  7. Classic Banana 香蕉 (+$120)
  8. Espresso 特燶咖啡 (+$120)

      Layered buttercream flavor 夾層奶油忌廉

      1. Vanilla 雲尼拿
      2. Valrhona Chocolate 法芙娜朱古力
      3. Vanilla with yuzu jam 雲尼拿配柚子醬
      4. Vanilla with homemade sea salted caramel sauce  雲尼拿配自家製海鹽焦糖醬 (+$100)
      5. Cookies & cream – smashed Oreo & Oreo crumbs  奧利奧夾心餅及餅乾碎 (+$100)
      6. Cream cheese 奶油芝士 (+$100)
      7. Vanilla with homemade strawberry jam 雲尼拿配自家製草莓醬 (+$100)
      8. Mocha 朱古力咖啡 (+$100)

      Cake size chart